Aao Baat Karein Warriors

Training Adults to forge warriors against Child Sexual Abuse

Aao Baat Karein Warriors

Aao Baat Karein campaign was launched in April 2018, through this campaign, Parwarish Cares Foundation has been creating awareness among participants about the POCSO Act and the gravity of sexual abuse in the context of our society in a child-friendly manner. We have been able to reach 61 cities pan India and worked with schools, government agencies, corporates, NGOs, Shelter homes, etc.

The ABK Warrior Programme is an empowering and certified training initiative offered by Parwarish Cares Foundation. It is designed to equip adults, educators, caregivers, and volunteers with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to become advocates and protectors against child sexual abuse (CSA). This program extends our commitment to combating CSA by training individuals who can independently conduct sessions similar to those provided by Parwarish Cares Foundation, thereby increasing our reach and impact in creating a safer environment for children.

Programme Objectives:

  1. Empower Advocates: Equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to become advocates for child sexual abuse prevention.
  2. Break Taboos: Encourage open conversations about child sexual abuse to break societal taboos surrounding the topic.
  3. Provide Accurate Information: Offer participants accurate information and tools to effectively address CSA.
  4. Foster Gender Sensitivity: Promote gender sensitivity among participants to reduce the likelihood of perpetuating sexual abuse.
  5. Increase Reach: Expand the reach of CSA prevention efforts by training individuals to conduct similar sessions independently.


      1. Training Workshops: Interactive workshops will serve as the primary means of imparting knowledge and skills.
      2. Real-life Scenarios: Participants will analyse real-life cases to gain practical insights.
      3. Engaging Discussions: Encourage participants to engage in discussions and critical thinking.
      4. Empowerment: Empower participants to take proactive actions in preventing and addressing CSA.

Program Details:

      • Session Objectives
        1. Create Conversations: Demystify the subject of child sexual abuse and understand the social inhibitors that hinder discussions.
        2. Empower Stakeholders: Enable participants to become active stakeholders in the safety of children under their care.
        3. Define Child Sexual Abuse: Provide a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes child sexual abuse.
        4. Bust Myths: Dispel all myths and misconceptions related to child sexual abuse.
        5. Safe Circle: Build an understanding of a safe circle and empower educators to recognize and prevent abuse, in accordance with the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) law.
        6. Promote Gender Sensitivity: Empower participants to instill gender sensitivity among students, reducing the likelihood of perpetuating sexual abuse and helping children protect themselves.
        7. Reporting and Support: Educate participants on how to report cases of abuse and connect with child helplines effectively.
      • Duration: A 5-day program with 3 hours of training per day.
      • Batch Size: Limited to 40 participants per session.
      • Mode: Virtual, conducted online for accessibility and convenience.
      • Resources Provided:
        1. Session Deck: Participants will receive a PowerPoint (ppt) session deck.
        2. Certificate: A certificate of completion/participation will be awarded.
        3. Child-Friendly Posters: Participants will gain access to child-friendly posters for use in workshops.
        4. Ongoing Support: Team Parwarish will provide lifelong support for conducting workshops and addressing concerns related to CSA prevention.

To read POCSO Act, click here. To know how to be a ABK Warrior, email us