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In this talk, Mr Sushant Kalra encourages us to talk to our children about things that are usually considered “Taboo”. In this inspiring talk, he shows us how, by communicating with our children effectively, we can make them aware of the problems such as child sex abuse and can better prepare them to fight against it. We need to take initiatives to stop Child Sex Abuse, and in his opinion, this should be the first step.

Bollywood has played a significant role in normalising stalking and promoting gender-based violence as love, and it still does so today. This toxic construct of love has been deconstructed in this short film, and an attempt has been made to sensitise the general public.

Every 8 minutes a child gets sexually abused

Every 14 minutes a child is subjected to penetrative sexual assault

Aao Baat Karein

A campaign on eradicating child sexual abuse.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Mandatory Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace.

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Pawarish Cares Foundation's training sessions on 'Child Sexual Abuse' and how to report and prevent sexual harassment were very informative and helped children learn how to open up and protect themselves from such situations. Kilkaari hopes to participate in more such evolving and opening up sessions with more innovative and intuitive engagement methods in the future.
Kilkaari Bachpan Ki
We sincerely appreciate Parwarish Cares Foundation's efforts in researching, designing, organising, and facilitating the session. The session's content was clear and well understood by the students. It will assist them in taking action in their daily lives.
Khushboo Mishra
Apne Aap Women World
In India, child sexual abuse has become a major concern. A large number of boys and girls are abused both inside and outside the home by relatives or known individuals. In light of this, Pawarish Cares Foundation's training on Bad and Unsafe Touch, as well as how to deal with cases of Sexual Abuse, is a timely intervention. We look forward to more workshops like this for our students.
Mrs. Bidhu Bala
Head Mistress, Sai Nath Public School
We appreciate Parwarish Cares Foundation's efforts in conducting a workshop on 'Eradication of Sexual Abuse' with adolescent boys at our observation home. It was a well-planned and researched workshop. We hope to see more workshops like this one to help make our society a safe and inclusive place for everyone.
Subhash Gautam
Superintendent, DoWCD, GNCT