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Creating a NO LIMIT World !

Every child, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, ability, socioeconomic background – is born without any limits. We are committed to creating a world where every human being is present to his/her own inherent unlimited potential.

Human beings are inherently endowed with the power to bring out the best possible results from the worst possible circumstances. Parwarish Cares Foundation through its various educational initiatives, workshops, seminars etc disseminates its fundamental philosophy of “NO LIMITNESS” and empowers every human – every child to break barriers and live fearlessly.

Counsellors Club

An empowered Counsellor can reach out and impact a few hundred children. Workshops on topics such as Sexual Abuse, Bullying, Substance Abuse etc. are held every alternate month with counsellors of various schools in Delhi.

Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP)

A year-long program in which the schools collaborate with Parwarish Cares to empower teachers to shed their inhibitions and become ambassadors of transformation in education. The engagement with the teachers works on increasing teacher motivation, improving problem-solving skills, establishing a personal connect with every child.

Enjoying Studies

Bi weekly intervention with Parwarish Coaches in NGOs likd Udyam Trust, Jamgaht etc. The idea is that studies are not a burden but a lot of fun. The children explore their NO Limitness through each subject to nurture their life skills. Methods like storytelling, Jodo Gyan, Science Kit, Nature Walk were done with them which made then fall in love with subjects they hated.

Collaboration for Impact in Education

PCF has been consistently collaborating with different government agencies and NGOs to bring about positive changes in the field of education. It has worked both in rural and urban spaces with organisations like TFI, UNICEF, IVF to name a few.

Aao Baat Karen

A year-long program with 100 thousand children pan India. An attempt to untaboo conversations on sex with parents, teachers and children and initiate a healthy discussion. Awareness is the first step to eradicate Child Sex Abuse.

Parwarish Workshops with all Stakeholders

Series of different workshops conducted with various stakeholders like parents, teachers, care takers, anganwadi workers etc. in the life of children. The idea is to get people present to their own unlimited potential and enable them to create same impact with the children that they interact with.

Building a NO LIMIT World