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Aao Baat Karein – Let’s Talk !


When toddlers, we teach our children – A for Apple, B for Ball… V for Victory. We presume being Victorious is getting good grades, excelling academically. We get them ready to conquer the world.

But do we? Really?

What about addressing the aspect of V for Vagina (or P for Penis)? We’re so ashamed of those words, that we forget they’re our own body parts – like our hands and legs.

It’s our closeted mindset about sex and sexuality that has given rise to sexual crimes against men, women, and above all, children. In India, the statistics are alarming. 1 in every two children is sexually abused. What’s even more shocking is the fact that people known to them is/are their perpetrator(s). New trend studies depict the scale of atrocity isn’t tilted only towards the girl child. Boys are equally subjected to abuse and molestation.

How do we tackle this problem that’s plaguing our society?

We talk about Sex and Sexuality. To our children. To parents. To the society at large. That will alter the landscape of reality. That will present us with a safer future. So, let’s start with addressing the most vital link – our children, our future.

As much as it is a reality that kids today are more tech savvy, and are well-versed with terms like dating, kissing and other forms of PDA (Public Display of Affection), when it comes to the crux of understanding the true meaning of sexuality, they’re at a loss of knowledge. Like, during one of our workshops, an adolescent innocently stated, “I would do all this with my five-year-old cousin, but I didn’t know it was inappropriate.”

The taboo attached to this topic is one of the prime reasons why kids, adolescents and teenagers are this ignorant. If they are taught to openly address their concerns about sexuality, they will know better about various aspects of this topic – hormonal changes that effect the body at puberty; what’s okay, what’s not alright; when should an alarm be raised; what are the kinds of self-defense moves that our children can take to protect themselves; how to recognize when they are being molested/abused; how to approach the topic; above all, the assurance that they are NOT at fault if they have been sexually abused.

No matter how technologically advanced our world may become, at the helm of affairs will always be our children running it as efficient leaders. They can do that only if they are taught every early in life that V for Vagina (and P for Penis) is not a body part they should be ashamed of. And V for Victory does not solely mean academic excellence. It symbolizes personal holistic growth coupled with a sense of pride of who they are – whole and complete – no matter what life has to offer them.

At Parwarish’s ‘Aao Baat Karein’ campaign, we are determined to approach as many children as possible to empower them with knowledge of their sexuality, so they can choose better. ‘We’ is always a stronger approach than ‘I’, therefore, we request your cooperation in our endeavour to make this world a better place to reside in.







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